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Martin County Mystery: What is Davy Jones’ Family Hiding?


Martin County Mystery: What is Davy Jones’ Family Hiding?

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Jones, last year in Los Angeles at The Monkees reunion concert (Splash News)

Singer Davy Jones, who suddenly died at home in Indiantown of a heart attack Feb. 29, lived in fame’s proverbial fishbowl for four decades as the cute-as-a-button frontman of The Monkees.

Davy Jones’ family: We need money for his horses!

In death, however, Jones’ family wants to kept secret the singer’s will and financial papers because it is worried revelations would harm the estate’s future earnings!

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A court in Martin County and a lawyer representing the family of the singer of Last Train to Clarksville and Daydream Believer have barred the public’s access to Jones’ will — a rarity in a state with liberal open-record rules.

“It’s very rare for a will to be deemed confidential,” said West Palm Beach probate lawyer Ron Kochman. “I don’t remember encountering a case.”

So, what’s the family hiding?

According to an order signed by Judge Sherwood Bauer this week, no one now has access to copies of Jones’ will and administration of the estate — except for his four daughters, his widow and a trustee!

Bauer’s order cited a little-used, broad statute in which he can declare documents off-limits to “avoid substantial injuries to innocent third parties.”

“The decedent has been a public figure since the 1960s,” the family’s request to close the file to the public reads, “as an actor and musician through his involvement with the iconic television show The Monkees and other successful artistic endeavors. (The estate) is concerned about the public’s access to the . . . planning documents and financial affairs as public opinion could have a material effect on his copyrights, royalties and ongoing goodwill.”

The will, according to the few documents that are visible, was written in 2004, after the birth of Jones’ fourth daughter, Annabel. But it may not include the woman half his age that he married five years ago, Telemundo actress Jessica Pacheco.

Neither Bauer nor a lawyer who requested the closing of the file returned calls for comment.

In addition to Pacheco, those who also have access to the paperwork include Talia Jones, 43, Davy’s eldest and the administrator of the estate; daughters Sara McFadden, 40, Jessica Cramer, 30, and Annabel, 23.

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