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R&B Star Chris Brown in Miami Beach Robbery Rap


R&B Star Chris Brown in Miami Beach Robbery Rap

chris brown robbery miami beach cameo

Chris Brown exits the Cameo in Miami Beach moments before the alleged robbery (Click on the photo for more celebs)

R&B superstar Chris Brown is being eyed as suspect in a Miami Beach robbery!

The accusation against the singer, who made news in 2009 when he allegedly roughed up his then-galpal Rihanna, stems from a Feb. 19 incident outside Cameo nightclub, according to Miami Beach Police.

UPDATE: Click here for the Gossip Extra exclusive on why Brown allegedly stole a fan’s iPhone

Brown and rapper Tyga were apparently being tailed by a fan with an iPhone who took pictures of the duo as they walked to Brown’s Bentley.

Alleged victim Shanae Spann told police Brown got hot under the collar about the photos as he sat in the car. He allegedly reached through the window and snatched the phone out of the victim’s hand.

“Bitch, you ain’t going to put that on no website,” Brown said, according to the report obtained by CBS 4.

Brown then rolled up his window and drove away with her $500-iPhone still in the Bentley.

Click here for more photo of Brown outside the Cameo

Police are contemplating charging Brown, who’s no longer in South Florida, with one count of robbery by sudden snatching.

Brown has just been working his way back into the good graces of fans after the Rihanna beating, which led to his guilty to a felony assault and 1,400 hours of community service. He’s on five years probation.

But on Feb. 20, Rihanna released a controversial remix of a song Brown. There’s a rumor Brown might join Rihanna on her tour.

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Police: Chris Brown grabbed iPhone because he didn’t want Rihanna to see photos of him with two chicks!

Chris Brown storms into Miami

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