Christian Motivational Guru Tamara Lowe Accused of Stealing Husband’s Porn!

Something ungodly’s going on in Palm Beach County’s nastiest divorce, the split between The 700 Club personality and motivational guru Tamara Lowe and her husband of 24 years, Peter Lowe.

peter lowe tamara lowe

Peter and Tamara Lowe

Together, the Palm Beach Gardens residents built a $100 million-business by luring major GOP figures like Colin Powell and former First Lady Laura Bush to speak at Christianity-laced Get Motivated seminars in arenas like Broward’s BankAtlantic Center and Miami’s American Airlines Arena.

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The divorce proceedings, however, have been anything but Christ-like for husband and wife, prominent members of the giant Christ Fellowship church. The duo moved into separate homes on the same street of the usually quiet, high-end Frenchman’s Reserve in 2010.

In a motion, Peter Lowe recently accused his wife, who wrote the best-seller Get Motivated, of having her boyfriend and two operatives steal his porn collection!

The motion mentions that compromising photos and videos were stolen from Peter’s abode, although no details are provided. In court, however, one of the lawyers on the case rattled off the names of some of the magazines taken — and they were obviously not copies of speeches by Pat Robertson.

Peter’s lawyer, Jeff Fisher, declined comment on what was taken while Peter was on a trip to Las Vegas. According to the filing, Peter’s handyman caught Mitch Steitz, identified as Tamara’s new boyfriend and a former official of Get Motivated Seminars, and two other individuals going through stuff in Peter’s study.

In time, according to court documents, five laptops, a desktop and boxes of documents were missing.

And Judge Amy Smith, meanwhile, banned Tamara’s attorneys, Michael Walsh and Alan Kluger, from using and/or disclosing the content of what was taken at the house and told Tamara to return everything.

“This is yesterday’s news,” Kluger said. “Tamara returned everything.”

Next up in the case: The Lowes are now going to duke it out over who truly owns their business!

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  1. Church thiefs says

    The are big speakers of the cult church Christ fellowship.
    More hypocrisy of those thiefs & known porn addicts

  2. Holy Falwell Batman! says

    Another Christian moralist bites the dust. How many of them have to be exposed as money grubbing phoneys before people stop sending them buckets of money? These people are freaks! Christ Fellowship keeps growing and growing – driving smaller churches in the area into financial crisis for bragging rights and bigger benefits for their in crowd. This is sickening!

  3. Tmaximus says

    Since we all know it’s the bible belt have the highest user numbers of internet porn (even higher #’s on Sundays) there is no shock & awe in this news.

    How are those red states reacting to Santorum and Gingrich promises to make porn illegal in bible thumping Americastan, curious minds like to know!

    If it were not for porn, Americastani evangenitals would think some sky wizard drop kicked the pitter patter of little feet from high above or something.

    Santorum claims thou shalt not enjoyeth sex with thou miserable wife so thou art to make her as biblically miserable as possible whilst he rutteth and grunteth his breeding duties. She is allowedeth to sobbeth into her pillow.

  4. Daniel says

    I personally know Peter and Tamara, and had the pleasure of personally and intimately working for them over the years. And although they may be going through hard times and a rough public divorce there is absolutely NO WAY IN Helll that Peter had porn or a porn collection. Peter is good man! I feel do horrible for the entire family and would be happy to testify on either of there behalfs. Anyone who is sending these rumors should be imprisoned. Just plain garbage!

  5. PETER+PORN says

    DANIEL must not have known the real Peter and Tamara—-I worked for them and know how ruthless and evil and money hungry they are. Maybe DANIEL met them at that mega-church where they were celebrities and looked upon as successful wealthy people—-I have no idea what he is talking about. They have robbed, tricked and stolen from the poor for dozens of years by putting on scam seminars and then urging people to go to a 2 day seminars where they are pressured to sign up for $ 20-30K more education—depending on what their credit card limits were. Peter, Tamara, her brother Brian and all the managers in GET MOTIVATED SEMINARS are the lowest scum of the earth.

  6. says

    Does anyone have solid info. on how much Peter Lowe takes in per year running these seminars? I have not been able to find data on their annual revenues. In the above article the author says they built a $100 million business – is that per year? How is that defined? Any public or IRS filings on the revenues of this business? Any former employees willing to talk to me confidentially? Call me at: 813-907-9090. Thanks!