Oxbridge School Principal on Suicide: “The Student Was Bright, Talented Young Man!”

Here is a statement about the suicide of a student released just now to Gossip Extra by Oxbridge Academy CEO Bob Parsons:

oxbridge academy suicide bill koch

School principal Bob Parsons (left) and founder Bill Koch (via Facebook)

“The Medical Examiner’s office has confirmed that a male student apparently took his own life on Monday around 6:00 pm in the parking lot of the property adjacent to the school. His family was notified by the Sheriff’s Department and their chaplain shortly thereafter.

A student at billionnaire Bill Koch’s private school shoots himself!

“Hospice of Palm Beach County’s specially trained grief counselors have been at the school working in conjunction with our own faculty team, led by Dave Prutow, who has had extensive experience in dealing with traumatic loss among high school students in other schools. Their focus is to help the entire Oxbridge community handle this tragic loss.

“The student was a bright, talented young man who was very well liked by fellow students and our teachers. We are filled with sorrow at this painful loss, and we have expressed our deepest sympathies to his family.”

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  1. fawn tenenbaum says

    concerned parent: why are you concerned? i think it is fantastic that this was offered to the faculty at oxbridge academy. i am a public school teacher and i have never been offered a training like this. maybe the students who recently died from schools of the school district of pb county would still be alive today if teachers in public schools had this training.

    • dth says

      I’m with you. I would love to have all teachers get this training, both in a classroom and online classes. Perhaps it would lead to better recognition of signs and if it only saves one teenager’s life it would be worth it.

  2. oxbridge student says

    the information in this article is wrong. the first article on this site was more correct than this article.