Crisis? What Crisis? No Expense Spared on Miami Beach’s $35 Million-Home Improvement Job!

$35 million home improvement miami

Billy Dean's $35 million-compound may well become the new center of nightlife in Miami Beach! (Click on the photo for more views)

Quick, someone remind Virginia businessman Billy Dean we’re in a bad economy!

Dean’s paying for a $35 million-home improvement project in Miami Beach.

billy dean $35 million home improvement miami beach

Billy Dean (Click on the photo for more views of the house)

You read right: $35 million for what he wants to be the ultimate bachelor pad!

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In 2009, according to Miami-Dade County records, the forty-something CEO of the Washington. D.C.-based engineering firm MC Dean paid $8 million the Mediterranean mansion built on Pinetree Drive for Kmart founder S.S. Kresge in 1937.

He figured he’d do some work on it, got big-deal D.C. architect Dale Overmyer involved – and now it’s the area’s most expensive and extensive single-family redo.

“The existing house is being redone to look exactly like Kresge’s did,” said Michael Capponi, whose Capponi Construction Group is running the show. “Guest-houses are brand new construction. Billy wanted a private resort that can host large parties.”

And Billy is getting just that on the 2.5-acre property, according to Capponi: There’ll be three guest houses, a spa building, a nightclub, the main house – in all, 15 bedrooms, 20 full baths, six half baths, two kitchens in the main house and nine kitchenettes, all of it spread over 22,000 square feet.

Exterior features include two swimming pools, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a sports lawn, four igloo-shaped outdoor hot tubs and a grotto spa, one cold-plunge pool, three fountains and waterfalls, seven garage spaces and on-site parking for several dozen cars.

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More goodies: Exterior special effects lighting system; hand-made clay roof-tile from Columbia; handmade steel windows; Frank Allart door hardware imported from Britain; custom-made lanterns; mahogany and cypress panel doors with custom stains throughout; a heating and cooling plant drawing from a geo-thermal source below the house; Roman baths; and much, much more . . .

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This story first appeared on my Sunday column in the Miami Herald

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    I’m tired of this corrupt company and its under the table deals funding his disgusting lifestyle.

  2. Laura says

    I think its wonderful that hes very successful! I mean these legendary parties he throws as well as the money he throws at these trampy escorts to hide his homosexual tendencies… All the while his employees slave to work hard and he cuts their bonuses as well as the crappy ins his company provides. Just one more rich white trash wannabe!

  3. heknowshowtothrowaparty says

    I’ve been to one of his legendary parties with avicii and even stayed the night. I must say he runs a very professional and impressive complex with plenty of staff and security. It was one of the highlights of my year. for all the people criticizing the way he chooses to spend his money, keep in mind that while ruthless companies spend many orders of magnitude more than this on lavish resorts and hotels for the sole purpose of making more money, he is actually creating a unique and personal place where he hosts many charity events and fundraising parties that lead to millions of dollars a year in donations and aid.