Boca Cops Use a Hobble in Arrest of Violent Kate Major, galpal of Lindsay Lohan’s Dad

Must be a white trash celeb convention somewhere in South Florida this weekend!

kate major arrest boca raton

Major's booking mug (click on the photo for the Hall of Shame)

After sightings of accused baby killer Casey Anthony in the Port St. Lucie area, here come news that Kate Major — the on-again, off-again much younger girlfriend of troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan‘s dad, Michael — got herself arrested in an early morning freakout in Boca Raton.

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Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office records show Major, 29, was nabbed about 3 a.m. and charged with battery, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. She was released about noon on $3,000-bond.

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Now, here’s the exclusive update:

I’m told that someone at the Boca Villa Apartments, 100 W. Hidden Valley Boulevard, called 911 to report a loud argument in the parking lot. When officers arrived, they found Major allegedly attacking a man and a woman.

Officers tried to calm her down, but she became increasingly violent and tried to kick and scratch several police officers.

hobble boca raton police kate major

A police hobble

They had to restrain her in a hobble — a leash-like device — before placing her under arrest.

The source added Major even struck an officer on his arm after the hobble was taken off when she got to the county lockup in West Palm Beach.

Major, a former tabloid reporter, has had a well-publicized battle with drugs and alcohol.

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Michael Lohan, father of trouble starlet Lindsay Lohan, arrested in Tampa

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  1. Nannette says

    This woman is certifieable! She was recently on Dr. Drew’ show crying how Michael abused her and she must have picked up tips because she is just as bad if not worse. She is trash.

  2. says

    A hobble is not a leash LOL. It is used in conjunction with the handcuffs to restrain legs. More crudely called a hog tie. I’m curious what damage she did to the victims since in the sentencing the judge ordered her to pay quite a lot of money to them.