Report: Casey Anthony Living in Port St. Lucie!

casey anthony video port st lucie

Casey Anthony, from a video diary that turned up online last week

Exonerated baby killer Casey Anthony is reportedly living in hell — suburban hell!

A motorist in Port St. Lucie, a sprawling Treasure Coast town mostly made of gated communities stacked with foreclosed homes, supposedly saw the alleged killer of 2-year-old Caylee in another car next to her while stopped at a traffic light!

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And speculation fueled by this week’s People magazine is that the 25-year-old Casey moved to the St. Lucie County city for good.

The magazine offers no tangible proof of its claims, except for an interview with PSL motorist Chrissandra Jennings. Jennings didn’t respond to a request for a chat. Her Facebook page says she once worked for the county school system.

Jennings said Anthony wore a bun and was at the wheel of a car when Jennings, who described herself as an avid watcher of Anthony’s trial, spotted her in September.

Orlando native Anthony has ties to the county, including a private eye who worked for her defense team.

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  1. Tony says

    Having lived in PSL I would say yes Casey would fit right in to the town…white trash with a bad looking dye job is a good start.

  2. sunshine595 says

    pls give it a rest, and give this woman a break!!!! if any of u are w/out sin, cast the first stone!!!!