SHOCK VIDEO: State Attorney Michael McAuliffe Threatened me, Juror Says!

A potential juror asked to be dismissed from a Palm Beach County murder case, and the excuse she gave the judge is a shocker: She said she was threatened by State Attorney Michael McAuliffe and couldn’t be impartial!

“I guess in a career you hear everything, it’s the first time I hear anything like this,” Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge John Kastrenakes said after agreeing to dismiss the woman.

The entire incident was captured on this court-surveillance video exclusively obtained by Gossip Extra:

The potential juror was identified as Melissa McKinlay, a divorced mother of three, who was asked to do her civic duty in connection with a nightclub shooting case.

melissa mckinlay

Potential juror McKinlay

McKinlay happens to work as a legislative liaison for Palm Beach County.

“I can follow the principles of law,” McKinlay told the judge. “But I don’t think I can give the state a fair trial.”

Later in the Oct. 14, 2011, hearing, McKinlay told the judge she was “threatened by the state attorney in a parking lot after a meeting.”

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THE elected state attorney?” Kastrenakes asked, visibly shocked.

“Yes,” McKinlay responds, “and I think I might be a little biased.”

Kastrenakes briefly conferred with the lawyers in the case and all agreed to let McKinlay go.

McAuliffe’s spokeswoman declined comment.

michael mcauliffe controversy

McAuliffe, at this weekend’s Palm Beach Policemen’s Ball (Click on the photo for more pictures from the gala)

McKinlay told me today McAuliffe was very matter-of-fact when he told her, after a January 26, 2011 meeting of the Florida League of Cities in Jupiter: “Be careful who you spend time with and who you listen to when it comes to my office!”

“He was very cold about it and that’s why he scared me,” McKinlay said earlier today.

Click here to read McKinlay’s ethics complaint against McAuliffe

She told Kastranekes during jury selection she didn’t know why McAuliffe allegedly threatened her. But sources speculated that McKinlay’s friendship with McAuliffe’s former spokesman, Mike Edmondson, may have sparked McAuliffe’s conversation with her. McAuliffe and Edmondson didn’t part in good terms. McKinlay described McAuliffe as “intimidating.”

In time, McKinlay filed a complaint against McAuliffe with the Florida Commission on Ethics, which dismissed it.

McAuliffe is running for re-election.

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  1. Janet McP. says

    This is just shocking! I had some dealings with Ms. McKinlay when she was with Senator Bill Nelson’s office. She was sweet as can be and very helpful. McAuliffe is an ego maniac and a bully. Shame on him. He needs to be run out of office.

  2. Pete Z. says

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. What does surprise me is that he did it in front of someone. He is such a coward. And yet another complaint gets dissmissed…

  3. Alyssa Jacobs says

    This is so dumb. Melissa is working with Dave Aronberg for his election campaign that he has not announced yet. (He is running against Michael) She is an idiot. Everyone knows that this is why he said that to her. They need to clean house in PBC including Melissa, Aronberg and Michael. Corrupt corrupt corrupt

  4. Abe says

    McKinley is part of the Aronberg & Bonlarron political clique. They consider themselves elites and disdain Republicans and African-American Democrats.

  5. Lara Antipova says

    As always, Jose can’t get any of the facts accurate. If you read the complaint McKinley filed, the League meeting was in Jupiter not Tallahassee.

    And the complaint she filed was a waste of taxpayer resources.

    It makes sense that McKinley is Aronberg’s hetero decoy. As Abe stated above they’re part of a self-important democratic clique. No wonder Palm Beach County is not highly regarded in Tallahassee.

    And Jose, you need to find out if Abruzzo is really going to marry.

  6. Jim Beauchamp says

    Even if what you say about McKinlay is true where Aronberg is concerned, that does not, for a second, excuse McAuliffe’s actions. What he did is an abuse of power.

    You can’t go around threatening people because you don’t like who they are talking to at a public meeting. He should be above that nonsense. He holds one of the highest law enforcement offices in the county but he’s not above the law. Seems he’s a little thin skinned for the job.

  7. Paul says

    This is a Joke!!! Michael McAuliffe has done an excellent job keeping garbage off of our streets!!! Look at all of the gangs and pill mills he has busted!!! My City is so much better and safer now than it was four years ago!! Thank you Mr. State Attorney, Michael McAuliffe for keeping our County Safe!!!!!

    • Are you serious?! says

      Please tell me you were high when you wrote that! He sides with child killers, keeping our streets safe, yeah right. If you’re so confident leave your doors unlocked, and your car running with the door open, let’s see if your knight and shiny forehead protects your honor.

  8. Donny says

    Abuse of power…check out PBC group including little boy Aronberg.
    Tell Bondi I say hi…how did you think he got that job..crying and helping her after he lost again Dan the man Gelber. Mike and Dave=two corrupted politicians overseeing corrupt politicians.
    FYI grand jury can call you more than one PBC….lol

  9. Mike says

    Great. Nothing to ruin your day like the damn STATE ATTORNEY telling you to watch your back.

    No wonder everyone has lost trust in government.

  10. huh? says

    I love how we got people on this thread arguing over the details of where the girl got harassed…

    The story here is that she got harassed by pbc’s top cop over a political matter. That’s terrible. When you have a position like that, you don’t act like that. It’s not just this situation, but all the mcauliffe scandals that have arisen.