Tiger Woods’ Ex Demolishes $12.2 Million North Palm Beach Home

elin nordegren florida mansion destroyed

Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, paid $12 million for this North Palm Beach home last year. She just had it torn down (Click on the photo for more homes of celebrities)

Remember that beautiful North Palm Beach mansion that former Swedish nanny Elin Nordegren bought after her $100 million-divorce from golf champ Tiger Woods?

elin nordegren tiger woods

Big spender Elin Nordegren

Well, the $12.2 million-mansion was nothing more than a tear-down!

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According to Palm Beach County records, Nordegren last month obtained permits to destroy the 17,000-square-foot, eight-bedroom beachfronter in the fancy, gated Seminole Landing and rebuild a single family home.

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And just like that, crews bulldozed the crib, hauled away the debris and are cleaning the area for something new. The workers aren’t talking: They signed confidentiality agreements and could lose their jobs for talking to reporters.

elin nordegren demolished mansion

Here yesterday, gone today! What’s left of Elin Nordegren’s North Palm Beach property (Click on the Splash News photo for more)

Construction on Nordegren’s newer place should start this month, and the Jupiter-based Onshore Construction & Development is the builder, according to records. The company built the Jupiter Island houses of Woods and diva Celine Dion as well as the Jupiter home of Woods’ mom, Tida.

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The 31-year-old Nordegren, meanwhile, is living in a condo she bought this summer for $1.1 million at the San Remo Townhouses in nearby Juno Beach.

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  1. Deskboy says

    Well looks like she got out at the right time, seeing how Tiger’s game has tanked.

    Not bad for a Swedish nanny.

  2. KOOLTOZE says

    I hope she ends up broke….she should be thinking of saving some money, not spending it as fast as she can. She looks like an angel, but this is the act of a pig. Maybe Tiger had good reasons for chasing other women.

    • mudwump says

      You know, That’s a pretty good comment! But I’ll go one further and bet she will surely wind up in poverty.

  3. jon doe says

    She sure isn’t a real estate, business or construction expert. Only a true blonde would buy a existing mansion valued at over $700/SF and tear it down. If she keeps making bad financial decisions like this one, she’ll end up like most Lottery winners. Broke. Oops, I guess it’s easy to burn through the dough when someone else really earned it. The best paying job around, divorce a rich man and take it all from him. You can have it all girl (and then some!)

  4. Anjelo Story says

    This is why “everybody” is not rich…who bulldozes a mansion only to put a single family home there? Smh. She should be trying to invest that money by buying a smaller home/condo in the area which would have lower taxes and expenses and simply rent/contract out the mansion, being that she has no career to uphold required income to maintain things after she has blown all that dough. Trust me, she WILL blow through it because she has no knowledge/experience/trustful resources on investing & maintaining money on that level. I give her 5 years, she will be back in court fighting for more money. Oh wait…she’s blonde, no wonder.

    • Maria Regalado says

      I think she is crazy, maybe he was tired of this woman. Demolishing money like that when there is so many people with no place to live it just shows how far from reality she is.

  5. vcarranza says

    Mansions for a party of 3 are a thing of the past. Maintenance on those things could drive anybody broke.
    This action shows a woman of foresight and practicality. A nice home on a choice tract of land. Who could ask for more?

  6. notordinary says

    Wait this dumdum bought a house for 12million dollars instead of buying the land only to build a house for probably 12 million dollars or more? I wish she go broke! TIGER WOODS YOU did all of that hard work for a nanny Tiger? A glorified baby sitter/housekeeper? IDIOT!

  7. Vito Corleone says

    This woman has the brains of a nanny… Nothing else. This is just a stupid acr from someone who is plain stupid, arrogant, and selfish. No wonder Tiger was looking for some real “action” elsewhere… I have always hated Tiger, and thought that he had it coming, but now I am feeling kinda sorry for him. Having to put up with such a low life… That’s what happens when you marry a gold-digger.

  8. mako82 says

    The house was a wreck. On the beach it was well beyond its years. She also donated all the valued items to charity but I guess Jose would not be interested in that. If she bought it, it is hers to do ith as she pleases.

  9. says

    I’m so sick of people brashing Tiger that’s probably how she met him.She looking for another sucker right now. Billionaire’s beware.