WQAM’s Sid Rosenberg Suspended Over Suspicious Fax

WQAM-AM 560 shock jock Sid Rosenberg’s in the dog house!

Rosenberg, who landed in South Florida after getting fired twice from the Don Imus show for making insensitive remarks, is serving a six-week suspension without pay.

sid rosenberg suspended wqam

Sid Rosenberg

Rosenberg, who’s also the sports anchor for New York City’s all news radio station 1010 WINS, allegedly attempted what radio biz folks call “plugola,” three sources tell Gossip Extra.

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Plugola, which is illegal and a Federal Communications Commission violation that could cost a station its license, is when a talk show host is paid to promote a product on the air without the station’s approval or without disclosing it to the public.

“The good thing is that we caught it before he did any damage,” said an official at sports talk WQAM who asked to remain anonymous. “Sid made an agreement to plug a sport-betting website he owed money to. My understanding is that he had a $100,000-plus in losses with the site.

“Sid received a fax at the station spelling out their private agreement, and Sid forgot it in the fax machine. Someone found it and brought it to our attention.”

Rosenberg, 44, is due back in the studio Jan. 3.

When asked why he wasn’t at work last week, Rosenberg text-messaged: “There’s no story. Nothing brewing. Stop listening to the scumbags at 790 (WQAM’s rival station, 790 The Ticket, which Rosenberg left in 2009 to join WQAM) and a few jealous losers on the street.”

Rosenberg stopped replying when I asked him about the fax and the plugola allegation.

And WQAM Program Director Lee Feldman said: “We’re not commenting on what happened with Sid, other than saying he’s taking personal days.”

Rosenberg’s disappearance raised eyebrows in the sports talk circles because it happened during the all-important football season. A source in the station’s sales department said Rosenberg’s shenanigans may have cost hundres of thousands in lost revenues.

Former Miami Dolphins stars Channing Crowder and O.J. McDuffie as well as Ma Marc Eisenberg and Steve Goldstein have been rotating in Rosenberg’s seat.

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  1. Gacanefan says

    I thought something was up and I did not think he just taking vacation durning the tail end of football season. Between this and his low ratings he may the end of his radio show.

  2. ChrisM says

    Hey, WQAM management, if this is true and you’re not firing this idiot, you have no credibility. No integrity. QAM is no longer on my radio dial.

  3. Neil Rogers says

    That’s right douche bag, it’s me from the grave. You are nothing but a drug addicted gambling fool. How about the BJ’s you get every time you are at the Cheetah, does your wife know about them too?

  4. CaneAlmighty says

    That guy got what coming to him, he HATES ALL of the South Florida Teams and a coke head, hell him and Joe Rose has went back and forth on numerous occassions……. But nevertheless Dan has won the last 10 books and the season (NBA) hasn’t even started yet.

  5. Paul Lawrence says

    LoL all credibility gone for Wqam.
    Dumb azz’s ur in bed with a crackphein
    And a Gambler lol what a disgrace Wqam
    Has become. Wqam is desperate and Sid
    Is laughing at how dumb these fools are.
    Sid can do what ever he wants when ever
    He wants. Pathetic .

  6. says

    I own the Sportsbook Sid owes money to. It’s way more than $100,000(add a zero, and put a 5 in the beginning) and Sid has been paying it to us regularly, thanks to those fat paychecks WQAM and WINS pay him. Sid is the worst Hockey bettor on the planet, and we love him for it.

  7. Jason Henderson says

    He used to bet through this gambling site that I regularly use. The owner of site took him on based on his name. Sid used the site for a few months and racked up thousands in losses. To this date, he has never paid any of it back. You may say that there are a lot of rumors out there, but when there are so many stories that corroborate one another, there is bound to be some truth to them. It’s a shame that a grown ass 44 year old man can’t learn from life’s lessons. What a waste!

  8. Eric D Peselow says

    This guy is a sleazebag. He has no insight into his deviant behavior and as long as he gets innumerable chances, he will continue as is