PHOTOS: Shiny Sheet Gossip Shannon Donnelly, After Plastic Surgery

shannon donnelly plastic surgery

Shannon Donnelly, in November 2009, after emergency surgery to correct what she said was a botched facelift (Click on the photo for more)

Unrecognizable and in obvious pain, Palm Beach Daily News gossip columnist Shannon Donnelly is seen recovering from emergency surgery at Good Samaritan Medical Center on these 2009 photos obtained by Gossip Extra.

shannon donnelly pam beach

Shannon Donnelly now (click on the photo for more)

The surgery was allegedly to repair damaged caused during Donnelly’s facelift, performed by Dr. Frank Catalfumo in his Palm Beach office.

She called him “a butcher.”

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Donnelly, 57, is suing Catalfumo for malpractice. The trial is scheduled for early next year and is expected to star a slew of Palm Beach characters, including Joyce Reingold, Donnelly’s boss at The Shiny Sheet, and Layne Nisenbaum, high society’s dermatologist.

“This is the face of a woman who underwent plastic surgery, and it almost killed her,” said Ted Leopold, her attorney.

According to the lawsuit uncovered by Gossip Extra, Donnelly had fractional CO2 laser treatment done to resurface her skin.

Then came liposuction, followed by platysmaplasty (surgery to get rid of turkey wattle neck, according to and a “Lifestyle Lift,” a non-invasive procedure to tighten the skin and fill up deep wrinkles.

At one point, however, the lawsuit claims Catalfumo severed a vein, which cause serious internal bleeding. Donnelly was sent home to recover but within hours was rushed to Good Sam for the emergency surgery.

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  1. says

    It is very unfortunate that you choose to insult and attack a very kind and ethical woman because you are unable to climb high enough to meet and get to know a small time journalist. First of all, Miami and Palm Beach, really? Why not cover the Jersey Shore and Upper East side in your next blog? You truly find this to be demographically and geographically reasonable? Given that your blog is painfully irritating to navigate I hope that you make more from advertising and can afford a place on the right side of the “moat” (although you were trying to be funny stick with bridge or tracks) in a more timely fashion than a dedicated employee of Thirty years and single mother. How ridiculous to insinuate that Shannon demands gifts etc and then you call her “poor.” Even more so are the pictures you posted, she is not Lindsay Lohan or any surgery crazed Hollywood star, to see pictures of blood draining out of a persons head is simply vile on your part. All of your accusations simply go to show that you are not only an incompetent journalist, have no understanding of “society” given that there are three to five women who assure they grace the society pages and very few keep the work they have done a secret. My apologies that you didn’t make it in Palm Beach because you lack social graces I don’t even have to read your articles, one glance at your picture, yes the sheer fact that your photo is the first image on your blog, really? Some hair plugs might be a good idea… The plethora of long white hair grazing the pews on Easter morning at Bethesda was incredible. Your head is definitely shiny and your cruely does not glitter. Get to know some “real” people instead of ugly vindictive stories because no one purchased your book at the Green’s check out counter. You are a dime a dozen and would be more suited at Perez Hilton. My apologies for the hairless insult, I was always told that good hair and teeth make an attractive person. Stick with the crazies in Miami, PB doesn’t have the room for another sycophant. Especially one who trashes our loveliest and best residents.
    In addition, I have my own business and have known Shannon for 20 years, we were neighbors for a decade or so. Not only has she never asked me to grease her palm or offered me free editorial, but dropping her name to her colleagues doesn’t land me the front cover. Sorry, greaseball, you have the wrong lady!!! There are enough Kardashians for everyone.