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Author: What if Princess Diana Had a Secret Daughter?

Palm Beach

Author: What if Princess Diana Had a Secret Daughter?

Palm Beach Gardens retiree Nancy Ryan has some of the world’s Princess Diana fan websites buzzing with her first-time novel.

In The Disappearance of Olivia, Ryan, 62, weaved a twisted plot that involves Buckingham Palace and in-vitro fertilization.

Princess Diana in 1990

What if Princess Di had a secret biological daughter whose mere existence threatened the monarchy, former media buyer Ryan asks — at a time when the real life leaders of the Commonwealth countries decided that first-born girls would have as much right to the throne as boys!

“Remember, it’s only fiction,” Ryan says. “I’d hate to start rumors! But a lot of readers seem to want to believe everything in the book is true.”

The book starts in late 1980, months before Diana Spencer married Prince Charles.

British authorities wanting to verify that Diana was indeed fertile force her to a doctor who harvests her eggs and fertilize them with Charles’ swimmers.

Fertilization occurred as planned and, upon confirmation that Diana is able to have children, officials order the embryos destroyed.

All are destroyed, except for one! And a fertility doc decides to implant it into his sterile wife.

Olivia is is born more than a year before Prince William.

The novel then turns into a thriller centered around a plot to kill Olivia.

“We published the book on Oct. 24, on the day that the new law allowing girls into the succession,” Ryan said. “I had the idea for this plot about a year ago. I was watching a show about in-vitro fertilization and I started day-dreaming about what ifs.”

The book, she said, is as much about the science of creating life as it is about the royal family.

“Needless to say, it shows a side of the royals that’s not too flattering,” Ryan said. “This whole monarchy thing is so silly.”

Princess Di died in 1997 in a car crash that, to conspiracy theorists, is still unexplained. Needless to say, Ryan did ship a copy of her tome to British monarchy critic Mohamed Al Fayed, the billionaire father of the man who also died in the crash.

The Disappearance of Olivia is available for downloads for $2.99 and in soft cover for $19.95 on Amazon.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Olivia sat in her chair paralyzed for almost two minutes and then almost like in slow motion she headed for the Bombay. She didn’t say a word as she poured herself straight gin in a tall glass. She appeared to Daniel to be processing this information with that brilliant mind of hers.
Returning to the table, she served them both some salad and sat quietly for a minute.
Finally, she spoke.
“So, let me get this straight,” she began rather calmly. “It is your belief, based on a conversation with my father and whatever investigative work the police have done, that I am the biological child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, the older sister of Princes William and Harry?”
Daniel just nodded.
“Oh dear god!” shouted Olivia, before downing her entire glass of gin. “Daniel, if this is true, it is almost unfathomable,” said Olivia. “How am I supposed to take this? What does this mean? This must be a lie. What else do you know?”
“Not much, I’m afraid,” Daniel answered. “And way more than I think I can handle right now.”
Daniel’s expression was a mixture of fear and sadness, and Olivia got really scared.
“JESUS CHRIST!” she said in a moment of understanding. “You know who tried to kill me—someone who recently found out about my existence and wants me dead—someone who’s trying to protect the Royal Family from a scandal that would rock the world and possibly jeopardize the monarchy itself—someone who needs every trace of this matter to go away. I must call my father. I need to hear what he has to say. I am sure this is a mistake and there is a reasonable explanation for this mess?”
Daniel sat almost frozen and silent.
Olivia analyzed the situation for another minute, and then it dawned on her.
“Oh, no,” she finally said, tears streaming down her face. “Daniel, please, please!  Tell me it isn’t so. Not my parents!”
Daniel rose from his chair, and moved to Olivia, lifting her into his arms. All he could do was hold her.
“I’m so sorry, sweetheart,” he said after a bit. “I know you loved them very much —as much as they loved you.”
“Oh, god, Daniel. Oh, my god.”

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