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Jupiter Author Creates a Buzz With Thinly-Veiled Fiction

Palm Beach

Jupiter Author Creates a Buzz With Thinly-Veiled Fiction

A self-published book by Jupiter first-time author Carri Summers is creating a stir locally.


The novel, Alter Ego in Chanel, is The Devil Wears Prada meets Great Expectations, north county-style. The characters, however, sound true-to-life.

Summers tells the story of a young college grad who ends up working as personal assistant “for the beautiful, self-proclaimed Palm Beach County socialite Adelle, the owner of a successful footwear company,” according to the book’s publicity.

Summers, 34, a Lynn University grad, ends up savaging Adelle for her numerous flaws. Summers picks on Adelle for her love of plastic surgery, manipulation of men and haughty ways, and delves into Adelle’s not-so-solid marriage.

So, who’s Adelle based on, really?

Summers won’t say, insisting that her work is purely fiction.

But then, you hear that Summers worked for five years for Palm Beach Gardens sandal designer and north county queen bee Lanell Fagan, whose marriage to developer Greg Fagan fell apart rather publicly. Lanell runs Lady Lanell’s, a successful fancy-sandal manufacturer.

Here’s an excerpt of Summers tome when her main character, Summer, meets Adelle for the first time:

Lanell Fagan

“I arrive and knock on the door which on this new day was opened by a beautiful blonde who basically looks like she could be right out of the movies. She has a petite frame with a rather small baby bump and her maternity clothes were probably purchased in the regular women’s sizes at the local department store that I happen to wear myself.

I could tell she’d definitely had a breast augmentation at least once (maybe more) and Botox shots had most likely begun about a year prior if I had to take a guess, as she was expressionless when she smiled. Did I mention she also had a slight orange tint to her that I would later learn came from her own self tanning sessions she gave herself regularly or had her other best friend do for her at the home.

I could tell immediately that she had to be in her late thirties but she had already had more than enough work done, a plastic surgery addict I would later learn.”

Lanell Fagan didn’t return calls for comment but, I’m told, she’s mightily ticked off about the tome!

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