Ex-Miami Dolphins Receiver James McKnight Arrested

Former Miami Dolphins star James McKnight was arrested Tuesday in connection with a domestic violence incident

McKnight, 39, who scored eight touchdowns as wide receiver for the Fins from 2001 to 2003, was charged with misdemeanor battery.

McKnight's booking photo (Click on the picture for the Gossip Extra Hall of Shame)

Knight, a deep threat on the field known for his circus catches, was nabbed by Broward County Sheriff‘s deputies at his office in Miramar. McKnight now works as a financial advisor for the Principal Financial Group.

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According to arrest documents exclusively obtained by Gossip Extra, McKnight allegedly grabbed his wife Mikki’s wrists and twisted them when he threw her into their car. The incident occurred Oct. 14 in the garage of their $1.7 million-mansion at the Landmark Ranch neighborhood.

As she landed, Mikki, 36, allegedly hit her head on the car door and told deputies she “saw stars.” She told police she also injured her lower back.

The McKnights have four children together and are involved in Pro Athletes Outreach, a Christian ministry for retired NFL players that includes former Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Trent Dilfer, now an ESPN analyst.

Mikki hung up the phone this am when asked about the incident.

“Do NOT call me again,” she said. “That’s my comment.”

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  1. Jd says

    Another case of a bitch causing more trouble for a man than she needs to. Wow. The police nabbed him. Pretty dangerous!

  2. says

    Sounds like a minor domestic spat, but for the Herald, there’s no depth they won’t sink to, to create a non-story.
    McNight’s penalty should be having to play a week for the current Dolphin team.

  3. Lance says

    So since she said he did this he must be guilty. He probably did nothing.

    He’s Innocent- did nothing wrong- Sounds like a good guy helping out and having his kids involved in the Christian Ministries.

  4. Rick says

    All it takes for a woman is to say…”he hit”…”he rape me”…he assaulted me”…”he gave me a dirty look”….lunch was late”….and even if the guy was not around, he will be hunted like a low life criminal,put in jail, force to get an attorney and spend every penny he has to prove his innocence. This one sided laws, have got to be stopped. Enough is enough.

  5. TheSeeker says

    You can tell a guy is a non sports writer when he calls this guy a “star” then touts his “circus catches”

    most readers probably dont even remember him on the dolphins, or in the NFL for that matter

  6. says

    This is a serious accusation but, none knows the details. Domestic violence should be taken seriousl, no matter who the agressor or victim maybe.
    If Mr. Mcknight did what he was accused of doing, then he should be arrested and tried for his crime. Never touch a woman, no matter how bizzare her actions maybe.