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Music Big Emilio Estefan Sued by Show Creator


Music Big Emilio Estefan Sued by Show Creator

A Vietnam vet has filed a federal breach-of-implied-contract lawsuit in New Jersey federal court against Miami Beach entertainment mogul Emilio Estefan.

John Jacobs, 64, a Trenton, N.J., handyman, says he hoped to sell a bilingual reality TV show concept to Estefan, pop singer Gloria Estefan‘s hubby, as early as 1999.

Emilio Estefan in New York City with wife Gloria last month (Splash News)

“It combined singing and acting and 40 other tasks all over Miami Beach,” Jacobs said.

Click here to see the lawsuit

But, Jacobs says, Estefan strung him along for 12 years, and that for that, Jacobs claims he deserves $5 million!

“I could’ve sold it to someone else, but they kept saying they wanted it,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs says he followed instructions from Estefan staffers when he traveled to Miami at his own expense 13 times to meet the creator of the Miami sound. Every time, something supposedly came up at the last minute, and Jacobs was never able to meet Estefan face-to-face.

“They used to comp me at Bongos for my trouble,” Jacobs said.

One employee at Estefan Enterprises who didn’t want to be named called Jacobs “a nutty stalker.”

“I’ve been working here for 10 years, and everybody knows that guy,” the employee said.

Emilio Estefan could not be reached for comment.



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