Bill Gates Plunks Down $600,000 For Wellington Rental

Bill Gates' master bedroom in Wellington opens up on this delightful courtyard

Bill Gates' master bedroom in Wellington opens up on this delightful courtyard (Click on the photo for the gallery)

Microsoft boss Bill Gates, America’s richest man, has agreed to pay $600,000 to rent a house in Wellington for the winter, Gossip Extra has learned!

Microsoft boss Bill Gates (Splash News)

Gates, 55, whose wealth is estimated at $59 billion, wife Melinda Gates and their three children are scheduled to move in a 7,300-square-foot, eight-bedroom house in the exclusive South Shore enclave of Mallet Hill.

Gates has option to buy Wellington rental

The rental runs from December through May, according to two real estate sources.

Gates’ move is designed to support his eldest daughter Jennifer‘s passion for show jumping. The 15-year-old is on the junior circuit and owns several prized ponies. She’s expected to compete in the upcoming Winter Equestrian Festival.

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According to county records the house, at 13808 Fairlane Court, sits on about 5 acres and features a barn and a horse-training arena. It’s also at walking distance to the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, home of the winter festival.

“Bill Gates had his people look all over Wellington in September,” one source said. “But they liked this particular house because it’s in a secure neighborhood with one guarded access road and only 20 or so neighbors.”

Gates will be able to remain among billionaires since New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, No. 12 on the Forbes 400 richest Americans with $19.5 billion, owns a place a few doors down. It’s mainly used by his daughter, Georgina Bloomberg, a rising star in the equestrian world.

The property Bill Gates is renting this winter (Click on the photo for the gallery)

Gates’ temporary digs are owned by well-known Wellington developer George Banks, who’s been trying to sell it for years. The property is listed for $12.9 million. Singer Madonna considered buying it last year but instead bought a horse farm in The Hamptons, N.Y.

The world class wine cellar is included (Click on the photo for the gallery)

Gates, meanwhile, seems to have a thing for the area. In 2009, reps armed with a $65 million-line of credit fanned out in Palm Beach and Martin counties to find bargain waterfront real estate. One of Gates’ investment companies, Cascade Investment, eventually purchased a $5 million house in Jupiter Island.

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  1. Loe says

    Jennifer Gates is not a “polo person”. Polo and the horse show are two different breeds. It’s like comparing football to hockey season!

  2. Jay from Wellington says

    Welcome, Bill. I hear you like burgers. See you at the McDonald’s on Greenview Shores.

  3. Jon King says

    An horse riding ‘star’? Sorry, girls spending 4 hours a day training for tennis can be stars someday. Rich girls riding horses are just rich girls riding horses.

    • Sarah says

      Jon: Many of equestrians do train for countless hours, riding numerous horses, every day. Many young riders give up sleeping in on the weekends, for getting up at 3am to get the horses groomed, tacked and ready to go for 5am lessons, or to leave and travel to shows/competitions. We’re there late into the night, bedding down and feeding our four legged friends. If you’ve never hopped on a 1500 pound animal, and convinced him to jump over 12 + obstacles that are 5-6 ft tall, then please don’t assume that it is not hard. You have no idea the kind of strength, both mental and physical, it takes to accomplish such a task. People always say, “Oh the horse does all the work. You just sit there.” Ha! The horse may do the leaping, but we are doing the guiding with our hands, legs, bodies. Have you ever checked out the muscle on an equestrian’s legs? Shoulders? Bet not.

    • Lord Helpus says

      Rich girls on horses can very often be stars on horses:

      Zara Phillips, The Queens’s grandaughter and Harry and Will’s cousin was an Olympian (as was her mother, Princess Anne.

      Athena Onassis is a well known top rider.

      In the US: Georgina Bloomberg has won some very rich Grand Prix, as has Hillary Dobbs (Lou Dobbs). And Steven Spielberg’s (sp?) daughter just won a championship at a major East coast show last week.

      One of the reasons more very wealthy children do not make the long list for the Olympics is because their parents make college a priority and so the horses stop at age 18.

      These girls get the best of horses, but the horse doesn’t jump around the course alone. He needs a superior rider to win.

      Jon, you are either uninformed or a snob or both, because your statment is just plain wrong. I think that children of the wealthy rise to the top ranks in show jumping more than they do in any other sport — and they have to work every bit as hard as anyone else. The horse doesn’t care how rich his rider’s parents are. He merely responds to a good ride. And these girls are good riders.

  4. Jenna Jones says

    BIll Gates must Have some pretty dumb people looking out for him. That house rents every year for $150,000 for season . Why pay 4 X the regular amount???

  5. says

    An open letter to Bill Gates:
    I used to show Hunter and Equitation on Long Island, NY, so I definitely appreciate your devotion to make the show circuit as pleasant as possible for your daughter. After all, being 15 and heiress of the world’s richest man has to be the most fabulous.

    However, if Jennifer appreciates horses, I hope you also agree that while few talented and lucky horses (with the right training, lineage, coat, markings, height etc.) deserve to be pampered, thousands just as special (and perhaps as talented) horses are being abused, starved, slaughtered for food, etc.

    Your Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given hundreds of millions to humans. Will you consider start giving to save some equines? Each hour’s rent on this wonderful property can actually pull a few horses from death rows, And each single day’s rent can buy enough land for one equine sanctuary in the right place.

    There are so many selfless volunteers helping big and small animals at each minute. These are not fanatics, they are normal, exhausted individuals using their savings to save other earthlings from death or misery, and yet many shelters still are forced to close, or turn away needy animals due to the lack of funds. Any donation you can give, or foundation you can set up will make a tremendous difference and show people that caring for horses come in many dimensions. And who knows, might inspire other billionaires to look at animal causes too.

    If you should read this, I thank you for your time, and I rest at your disposal for any questions.