OPINION: Who Can We Thank For Ex-WPB Police Chief Delsa Bush?

Ex-West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel (left) and ex-West Palm Beach Police chief Delsa Bush

Something may have been overlooked this week in the saga of West Palm Beach Police Chief Delsa Bush.

Bush was allowed by the city’s brass to behave like a spoiled brat. She wavered on when to quit. Then she resigned in a choreographed hissy fit during a phone call to City Administrator Ed Mitchell Thursday – as a WPBF-Channel 25 camera taped it all.

In the hoopla, it was easy to forget who put Bush in a job she didn’t deserve, couldn’t handle and, in the end, in which she embarrassed herself and the proud department she claimed to represent.

Former Mayor Lois Frankel, who’s now challenging U.S. Rep. Allen West for a seat in the House of Representatives, picked Bush eight years ago.

Insiders tell me Frankel didn’t listen to most advisers who said Bush wasn’t up to the challenge. Those included Bush’s predecessor, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. In public, Bradshaw smiled and noted. In private, he and most of PBSO’s brass despised Bush for her lack of leadership.

But as usual, Frankel did the most politically expedient thing: She considered Bush’s race and gender, and figured that her choice could get her a few extra black votes.

I reached out to Frankel a half dozen times for comment on Friday. My excellent colleague from The Palm Beach Post, Andrew Abramson, also called her. While Frankel wouldn’t return my calls, she talked to the much friendlier Abramson.

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“(Delsa) represented the city as the first black woman and the first woman police chief,” Frankel told Abramson, “and she was an example of how someone can really come from very modest means, work hard and achieve the American dream.”

Vintage Frankel: Never admit you’re wrong, even when you’re dead wrong!

And when you can’t really mention the quality of one’s work, just mention gender and race.

Bush was the single-most important hire that Frankel made in her eight years as mayor. This week’s events showed clearly Frankel screwed up.

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  1. says

    Yes, it is true Bush was a pawn for both the former mayor and current Sheriff. This fact has been known by the rank and file for years. I feel sorry for Delsa because she never had the DEPARTMENT support or the management skills to do well. In the end her arrogance,her continued avoidance of the public and her inability to make a decIsion were her downfall. West Palm Beach is not some sleepy little town, it has major crime, race relations, politics and the spotlight on it as the county seat. The next Chief must be a good manager, a great people person and someone who will enter into the community and talk to the public and listen to his mid managers. GO TO THE BRIEFINGS AND LISTEN TO YOUR MEN AND WOMEN. The only thing that surprises most of the rank and file is why did it take so long for her to leave…………

    • Yasmine says

      Man shut the Fuck up. Delsa has been doing great things for this city for almost thirty years and i bet you couldnt do a quarter of what she’s done. Crime rate has gotten down, Giving back to her community in so many different ways, and gave her time to many people on and off the job. YOU sit on your fucking ass complaining and writing on the fucking internet like you know whats going on. You know what, if you are brave enough to write on the fucking internet maybe you should tell it to her face? MATTER in fact if you have so many ideas, why dont you run for chief? DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUR CITY! Smartass…