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VIDEOS: Slugfest Rocks Women’s Bathroom of Fancy Palm Beach Eatery

Palm Beach

VIDEOS: Slugfest Rocks Women’s Bathroom of Fancy Palm Beach Eatery

Palm Beach Police charged a woman with battery, and a well-known interior designer was treated at Good Samaritan Medical Center for cuts and bruises after a nasty, 2 a.m. brawl in the women’s loo at Cucina Dell Arte in Palm Beach.

Lei, the alleged victim (Courtesy Kristi Lei)

The restaurant is one of several owned by the family of Palm Beach Mayor Gail Coniglio.

Cell phone videos exclusively obtained by Gossip Extra bear witness to the violence of the Sept. 25 beatdown, which started when several ladies in line complained that the suspect and another woman were hogging a stall.

Florida Atlantic University student Megan Martel, 23, was identified through her Facebook page as the person hitting interior designer Kristi Lei, 36, the lighter blonde in a white sundress on the videos above and after the jump.

Martel, who was charged, happened to be a bartender at Nick & Johnnie’s, the other Coniglio family’s restaurants on Royal Poinciana Way. Martel, who was canned a couple days after the incident, didn’t respond to requests for comment and has yet to hire a lawyer.

Lei, meanwhile, said she went to Cucina that night for nothing more than a good time. She ended up sprawled on a public bathroom floor while being pummeled.

Martel, the alleged assailant (via Facebook)

“There were a few of us waiting in line and people started getting impatient with the two younger women who were in a stall for ever,” Lei told Gossip Extra. “One of them was the bartender at Nick & Johnnie’s and the other one is a bartender at Cucina.

“There were comments being made about what was going on in there. Someone said: ‘Seriously, girls, why don’t put on your lipstick out here!’ A voice inside the stall said: ‘We can do whatever the f#&! we want because we work here!”

“Next thing I know, one of the girls came out and just jumped on me. She was completely enraged and totally out of her mind. I was in shock.”

Lei, who owns the successful Kristi Lei Interiors, said she was punched in the face numerous times, and Martel repeatedly banged her head on the pavement.

“My teeth are still hurting and my gum are still swollen,” Lei said. “She just wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t push her off.”

According to the police report, Lei said she believes she may have briefly lost consciousness.

Eventually, Martel allegedly ran out Cucina’s backdoor then jumped into a cab.

“The worst part, besides being attacked for no reason,” said Lei, “is that I came out of restroom yelling ‘Call 911’ and no one from Cucina did anything. The bartenders wouldn’t even look at me. The manager blew it off and she even told the cops I was an unwanted guest. They wouldn’t let me use their phone since mine was broken and she refused to call the owners. That’s when I realized that the girl who attacked me was a bartender. They all were covering for each other.”

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