Tiger Woods’ Madam Nabbed


A former madam to the stars who supplied porn actresses and Playboy models to Tiger Woods for threesomes was arrested in South Florida this week. Michelle Braun, 33, is suspected of running a Fort Lauderdale-based boiler-room operation that sold a total $402,000 in phony stock to 39 small, unsuspecting investors. Braun was picked up at her downtown Delray Beach home Tuesday morning and charged with organized fraud, selling fraudulent and … [Read more...]

State Rep. Bill Hager Gets Divorced

Hager, with wife Beth (Courtesy New Times)

Rookie State Rep. Bill Hager has tried his darnedest to keep his divorce on the down-low. References to the Boca area Republican's wife of 33 years, Florida Atlantic University nursing instructor Dr. Beth King, were quietly wiped off his campaign website two weeks ago. Now, his online candidate bio makes it seem that King never existed and that the couple's two adult daughters are the products of immaculate conception. His campaign … [Read more...]

Ex-Pol Mark Foley: Anthony Weiner’s Creepy!

Foley (Courtesy AP)

Now, says former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, it all makes sense! In late 2005, Republican Mark Foley found his Democrat ex-colleague Anthony Weiner's enthusiasm for a bill he was trying to introduce downright creepy. "He came up to me over and over again for me to cosponsor his bill," Foley said. "The way in which he was excited about it was pretty weird. He'd corner me in a hallway and say: 'Mark, how 'bout it? You've got to get on this with me.' … [Read more...]

Allen West’s Press Queen Accused in Illegal Taping

Sachitano (Courtesy WPTV)

U.S. Rep. Allen West's press secretary is being accused of illegally recording someone -- again. Former WPTV-Channel 5 reporter Angela Sachitano, one of three directors on West's 15-member congressional staff, is named as defendant in a lawsuit brought by a former vice president at the Boca-based Sunbeam Corp. The suit also names the television station and an ex-girlfriend. Alex DiMusto, 43, claims in his filing that ex-squeeze  Deborah Riley, … [Read more...]